This second series is a continuation from the earlier post of “STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: A DAY IN ISTANBUL (SERIES 1)“. Do check out the earlier post if you have not visited it yet. Over here, you will find some more street photographs I have taken in Istanbul, in particular at Taksim Square. I have decided to consolidate some images in monochrome (black and white) and post it over here.

It was a difficult decision initially. I realised that you cannot have every photo in color or in black and white. Some photos look better in color and some better in black and white. It is really a personal choice, style and taste, and there is no right or wrong. But if you ask around, there will be some street photography gurus who will tell you that street photography is born black and white and should remain so. They are passionate about black and white. I do enjoy black and white street photography very much as they really do give you a different feel and touch.

Anyway, be it color or black and white, what is most important to me in a street photograph is the story it is trying to tell and the message that it can deliver – the reflection of the everyday life and the current moment of the society. Again here is the second series of street photographs from the amazing city of Istanbul – a city where the East meets West.

All photographs taken with Leica M9 (50mm Summicron).

Link to Series 1: Street Photography – A Day in Istanbul

Link to Series 1: Street Photography – A Day in Istanbul

~Photography & Edited by Chia Loy Chuan (September, 2011)~

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Tony Pond - 8 December, 2011 - 11:31 AM

After looking at both series I prefer the black & white for a “truer” representation of street photography. Has more of a Cartier-Bresson feel. I especially enjoyed the images showing a relationship between the people in billboards ads or the mannequins in windows and the passers-by. Well done Loy.

loychuan - 14 December, 2011 - 10:57 PM

Thanks for your comments again Tony. Totally agree with you with the black and white feel for street photography. I’m enjoying black and white much more nowadays, and Cartier-Bresson (together with some other Magnum photographers) has always been my inspiration. Guess I’ll go back to shooting analog film very soon. Cheers Tony!

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