BEST OF STREETS 2011 (Local Scene)

With 2011 drawing to an end, I recently took a good look through my library of images that I had shot throughout the year. Many times when I look at my own images again, I learnt something new. Just like looking at the works of other photographers – we see the good and the bad. I had a good reflection of all my pictures; some being average and some which I really like. It is all part and parcel of photography. We keep shooting and learnt something new every time. Photography is a never-ending journey.

I realized that I had spent a great amount of time shooting and exploring street journalism this year. To be honest, it is not the ideal kind of genre that one will explore if you are seriously considering photography as a career – at least in my country. Nonetheless, it is the genre that I knew I love doing (and that is enough to keep me going) – to simply and honestly document the everyday life of society in its untainted state, or to capture a story or image that can bring out the emotions of society and the real natural moments of life. Many works of great photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Sebastião Salgado and Alex Webb (amongst the other greats) had given me much inspiration. I studied their works in great details and leant something new every time I look at them.

That said, December was a rather busy month for me and I haven’t been shooting much recently. I just thought that maybe I should put up a couple of my personal favorite street/documentary photographs that I captured this year for sharing. The street is where my photography truly has its roots, and this passion for the random encounter and photojournalism continues to grow. The street is where I train and sharpen my skills. It is where my passion will be ignited. It is where I get better as an artist, and I plan to devote a lot of time in the coming year (2012) exploring further into street journalism. Also, I have been shooting a lot with my beloved rangefinder camera for a while now and I must say that it is a brilliant tool for what I am doing.

The photographs in this page are devoted to images captured in my home country (Singapore). Do check out my other post: “BEST OF STREETS 2011 (Travels)” for my other favorite images captured during my travels this year. May 2012 be a great photography year for everyone. Enjoy and keep shooting…

"In and Out of Love"

"Going Up The Elevator"

"Hang on a second, I need a pee"

"Check out my new jeans"

"Slap on the face"

"The Sleeping Pillow"

"The Long Wait"

"There's a woman behind every successful man"

"The Walking Shadow"

"Smile on the move"

"Home is just a phone call away"

"Keep Walking..."

"On and off the bus"

"Do you need an additional calling card?"

"Walking behind bars"

"When we get together"

"A cardboard for a living"

"Walking with a smile"


~Editorial and Photography by Loy Chuan (Dec, 2011)~

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