BEST OF STREETS 2011 (Travels)

This series is a continuation from the earlier post, “BEST OF STREETS 2011 (Local Scene)“. In that post, I had shared some personal street images captured in my home country (Singapore) this year. Do check out the post if you have not visited it. Over here, I had devoted this page to some of my favorite street/documentary images captured during my travels this year. This includes places like Turkey, Nepal, India, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Shooting away from home is always a totally different experience for me. I had traveled to a few countries like India, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries this year; and every country present different sets of challenges. I will not say that it is easier to shoot away from home or not. What really matters to me is that it really opened up my eyes to the world, and I learnt something new every time I set foot on another country. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I realized that I had spent a great amount of time shooting and exploring street journalism this year. It is the genre that I knew I love doing (and that is enough to keep me going) – to simply and honestly document the everyday life of society in its untainted state, or to capture a story or image that can bring out the emotions of society and the real natural moments of life. I do the same thing whether I am at home or in another country.

Although different countries view street photography in different ways, I feel that people usually react more similarly than dissimilarly when it comes to street photography. Whenever I get up-close and personal when shooting in another country, I always thought to myself, “This would never work in my country”. Shooting in another country sometimes gives you more courage and the “authority” to shoot – this makes you less hesitant to lift up your camera when the ‘decisive moment’ presents itself. You also become less conscious about how people look at you.

With 2011 drawing to an end, I just thought of sharing a couple of my personal favorite street/documentary photographs that I captured this year in my travels. I hope to have more opportunities to visit (or re-visit) more countries in the coming year (in 2012), and explore further into street journalism. The street is where my photography truly has its roots, and this passion for the random encounter and photojournalism continues to grow.

Do check out my other post, “Best of Streets 2011 (Local Scene)” for my other favorite street images captured in my home country this year. May 2012 be a great photography year for everyone. Enjoy and keep shooting…

"What is troubling you?" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Do you like my perfume?" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"What's the discussion about?" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"In between the bus" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Two by two" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"The curious look" (Battambang, Cambodia)

"On the move" (Battambang, Cambodia)

"Shadow in pairs" (Kathmandu, Nepal)

"The farewell look" (Varanasi, India)

"The laundry lady" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"Some food for thoughts" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"The supervisor" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"Keep walking" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"Day dreaming" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"The fruit seller" (Yangon, Myanmar)

"Dining behind my back" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Walk with me" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Man on the wall" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"What's happening over there?" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Butts on display" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"I'm watching you, lady" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"I got no money" (Istanbul, Turkey)

Link to: BEST OF STREETS 2011 (Local Scene)

~Editorial and Photography by Loy Chuan (Dec, 2011)~

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Tony Pond - 25 December, 2011 - 3:21 AM

Some nice work here Loy, especially the juxtaposed compositions showing the mannequins “reacting” to life on the street.

loychuan - 30 December, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Thanks Tony. Happy New Year to you and have a great 2012!

touhru - 26 February, 2012 - 4:16 PM

awesome! I like it! I also like street photography~~

loychuan - 29 February, 2012 - 1:13 AM

Thanks very much touhru. Glad to know another street photography fan!

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